This week, Nami’s Nexus looks to explore the liquidity conundrum in crypto markets and breaks down liquidity considerations unique to the industry
This week, we dive into the different ways phygital elements have been implemented in games and how NFT technology can mitigate the issues around…
In this week’s edition of Nami’s Nexus, we explore how royalties are changing the game for creators of digital assets and discuss ways secondary sales…

February 2023

This week, we look at the hype around "free-to-own", web3 gaming's latest narrative, and how it emphasizes the use of whitelists and the potential for…
In this opinion piece, we explore how the misconception of tokens as a form of currency has led to a repetitive cycle of circular design in token…
Exploring the Technology’s Applications In Various Areas Of The Game Life Cycle

December 2022

Novel player types have emerged through open economies in web3 gaming. Understanding their motivations & impact through analytics will be crucial for…

May 2022

The next wave of NFT game analytics
Part 3: Analyzing various design elements in existing games

April 2022

Part 2: Non-financial utility and in-game spending on net-negative sinks
Part 1: Sustainability